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MILLION DOLLAR SPAGHETTI CASSEROLE – Satisfy your new go-to pasta bake for a crowd: Million Dollar Spaghetti! Creamy, tacky, and stuffed with superb Italian taste, this simple casserole night meal is a good winner!


If I’m these days being totally fair, I’m roughly a pasta purist. What I recommend is that I grew up eating pasta with my Grandma’s sauce and which is it. No Fettuccine Alfredo. No Penne Ala Vodka. Simply pasta with a very easy purple sauce and a meatball.


Therefore the perception of introducing something like product cheese to pasta type of horrified me to begin with – I’m moderately sure my Grandma is rolling greater than in her grave on the mere regarded as. However I try to stay an open mind, so I gave it a shot. Principally as a result of it kind of feels, this used to be a very good resolution.

This baked spaghetti comes out irresistibly delicious. The cream cheese supplies a satisfying taste and when mixed with ricotta, brings simply the proper quantity of creaminess. This merger with a meaty sauce and numerous melted cheese on best possible makes this Million Buck Spaghetti an total crowd-pleaser.


You can in finding a couple of steps of prep for the degrees of the casserole. Flooring red meat, noodles, and cheese. Your sauce is an extra component, however this is merged with every of the beef and noodles independently so it’s integrated in to similarly of people measures.

  1. Get started by means of sauteing onions, garlic, and floor red meat and when the meat is browned, drain it. I love to season the meat quickly after it’s tired so that you in point of fact don’t drop all that unbelievable taste. Then mix the meat with about 2/three within the sauce. You’ll use a stay bought jarred marinara, do-it-yourself marinara, or spaghetti sauce.
  2. Although the beef is cooking, cook dinner dinner spaghetti in boiling, salted consuming water. I boil it about three mins slower than the deal time for al dente. That manner it’s simple to mix while not having to worry your self with it acquiring overcooked as it bakes. As quickly because it’s tired, combine the remainder of the sauce with it.
  3. In but some other bowl, mix with every different cream cheese and Ricotta. Be certain that the cream cheese is softened to room temperature in order that it mixes frivolously.

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Now it’s the easiest time to collect your Million Buck Spaghetti Casserole! You’ll in finding 5 ranges to this recipe.

  1. Grease a 9? x 13? the baking dish and unfold 50 % at the spaghetti noodles in an excellent layer.
  2. Distribute the cheese mixture in far more than the spaghetti.
  3. Most sensible the usage of an excellent layer from the remainder spaghetti.
  4. Top with the entire meat and sauce aggregate.
  5. Then a ton of mozzarella cheese. I wrote this recipe in order that the mozzarella cheese makes a just right, golden crust on best possible. In the event you’d make a choice it to get extra relaxed and stretchy you’ll be able to repeatedly bake the spaghetti after which main it with mozzarella cheese 10 mins previous to the cooking time is up.
  6. Bake exposed for approximately thirty mins and supply right away, garnished with refreshing parsley or basil. Feel free to include some Parmesan cheese manner too for those who like.


  • What kind of sauce is the best to use? I choose to make use of do-it-yourself marinara sauce, which I generally have in my freezer. You’ll be able to additionally use your favourite jarred sauce.
  • How a lot time will it remaining? This can be superb for as much as three times. Stay, tightly covered, within the refrigerator and reheat portions throughout the microwave or possibly the entire pan within the oven.
  • Is it imaginable to freeze Million Buck Spaghetti Casserole? Freezing this dish proper after it’s been baked is not advised, nonetheless, this a very good make-ahead recipe! Use a disposable foil pan and freeze unbaked spaghetti casserole, tightly covered, till ultimate corporate for about 1 thirty day duration. Thaw whilst within the refrigerator in a single day, then bake as directed.

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