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HOW TO MAKE AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RICE – Discover how to Make Authentic Mexican Rice! It’s a simple recipe, demands just a couple of components, and will take below half an hour to make. Insert it for your menu for Taco Tuesday or whenever Mexican food is within the menu.

This is actually the ideal Authentic Mexican Rice recipe that is certainly so great and really easy, it is our go-to side dish for almost any Mexican supper. We serve it together with Refried Beans or Gradual Cooker Mexican Beans and with our favorite meals, like Floor Beef Enchiladas, Rooster Tacos, and Carne Asada.



By far, this is certainly one of my favored and most asked-for recipes to prepare dinner. We make it for any Mexican dish from taquitos, to tacos to burritos. It is really an authentic Mexican Rice recipe. You would like to learn why? Due to the fact it originates from an authentic Mexican kitchen that just so happens to belong to my cousin’s mother-in-law!

My cousin shared this recipe with me many years in the past and I’ve been creating it virtually weekly ever because. This authentic household recipe was handed down from her mother-in-law who experienced discovered the recipe from her mom and grandmother. The elements are pretty easy – white rice, tomato sauce, garlic, chili powder, and Caldo de Tomate.

What is the Distinction between MEXICAN RICE AND SPANISH RICE?

Some people contact this Spanish Rice, but Mexican Rice and Spanish Rice are literally not exactly the same point. Even though they are doing use a number of the exact same elements, Spanish Rice employs saffron threads and has far more of the yellow shade.

Regardless of whether you contact it Mexican Rice or Spanish Rice, you are going to always contact it delightful!

WHAT SPICES To incorporate TO RICE

White rice by itself incorporates a fairly neutral flavor, so including spices is vital to introducing a large flavor. Add garlic, tomato bouillon, and chili powder for restaurant-style Mexican rice, chicken broth onion and garlic for rice pilaf, and saffron for Spanish Rice.

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The primary phase is to brown the rice by cooking it with some vegetable oil in excess of reasonably large heat. If the rice begins to show brilliant white and after that golden, you are ready for that next stage, which is basically just incorporating the remainder of the substances – drinking water, tomato sauce tomato bouillon, garlic, and chili powder.

Once everything concerns a boil, include it up and turn down the warmth. A transparent lid is helpfully listed here in order to see in the event the rice is done, but actually, 20 minutes is about all it requires. If after twenty minutes there’s still some liquid while in the pan, just allow it to continue to cook till all of the drinking water is absorbed and you also can no longer see it bubbling to the best.

Let it relax, lined, for several minutes, then fluff it up in the pan utilizing a fork or wooden spoon, and you are willing to provide. Occasionally I’ll insert some frozen veggies, like peas and carrots, as well as chicken, like in my 1 Pot Mexican Hen & Rice.


Use a good quality nonstick saute pan for cooking your Mexican Rice. The rice never sticks, and it has higher sides so there is no chance or and of the rice going overboard although stirring! Do not use stainless steel pans for cooking rice.

Resist the urge to lift the lid! Rice needs steam to prepare dinner and as it steams, the grains absorb the liquid which makes them plump and fluffy. Lifting the lid releases essential steam that is necessary to cooking rice perfectly.

About the tomato sauce – This recipe was recently updated to use a little considerably less tomato sauce. The original calls for an 8 ounce can, but a lot of men and women commented that their Mexican Rice was a little too saucy. This can be a personal preference, and often depends on the cook dinner, but it is possible to use half from the can (4 ounces) and nevertheless have delicious, tomato-y restaurant-style Mexican Rice. Freeze the remainder in the sauce for utilizing another time you make the rice.

Can you freeze Mexican Rice? Absolutely! Store leftovers in an airtight container within the fridge for 5-6 days or the freezer for up to 6 months. Reheat while in the microwave or on the stovetop.


What can I use as a substitute for your Caldo de Tomate? I have been asked this many times so I thought it was important to address. Hen bouillon would be a fine substitution, although it wouldn’t have exactly the same tomato taste. You could also simply use chicken stock instead of water and leave the bouillon out completely. I definitely recommend Caldo de Tomate if you are able to easily get it due to the fact it will give the very best, most authentic flavor for your restaurant-style Mexican Rice recipe.

My rice didn’t prepare dinner all the way through within the twenty minutes. What happened? Because each kitchen area and the stove is different, it is hard to say what could have gone wrong. However, typically it is just that the heat wasn’t substantial enough and the rice didn’t come into a full boil. Allow it to cook a little longer to absorb far more of the liquid. Or, remove the lid, change up the warmth to medium and allow any remaining liquid to boil off. Certainly one of these solutions should work for most problems.

Is this really authentic? Each kitchen area loved ones, and family members tradition is different. Just like inside the US there are about 18 different types of barbecue sauce depending on what part of the country you live in, exactly the same goes for Mexico and authentic Mexican Rice recipes. Just because it isn’t exactly the same as what your family members cooks, doesn’t make it wrong or bad.

What kind of rice is very best for Mexican Rice? This recipe calls for long-grain white rice, which is the very best for an Authentic Mexican Rice recipe. However, I have used Jasmine Rice in its place and it arrives out fine. Brown rice can be used but will require an additional 1/3 cup of h2o and about 10-20 minutes much more cook dinner time.

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