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EGG ROLL IN A BOWL RECIPE – Egg Roll in a Bowl is amongst the very best and many well-liked one-pot ground turkey recipes that also take place to become Paleo, Whole30, and low-carb. This deconstructed egg roll is filled with shredded cabbage, loaded with carrots, and is also bursting with Asian flavors from soy sauce and rice vinegar. Easily food prep this healthy dinner dish in advance of your time for occupied weeknights or have it ready to take pleasure in under 30 minutes!



Each and every time I will create a recipe and I understand it can be an achievement in the 1st 24 hrs.

I guarantee I’m not being cocky. There exists a technique to my insanity to demonstrate this theory.

How exactly do I know?

The hubby and I wage leftover war towards each other and combat to the egg roll in a bowl finish.

Cabbage is traveling around as we elbow our approach to the fridge for a single very last bite.

Ok, I’m receiving just a little remarkable here, but for real.

These keto egg roll in a bowl of leftovers may cause very the stir.

You get all of the flavors of the standard egg roll but in a simpler, deconstructed, inside-out trend.

Not to mention this straightforward recipe actually will get better with time!

Each of the delightful Asian flavors melds collectively in a harmonious medley of low-carb cabbage and ground turkey bliss.

What exactly would be the answer to this leftover war?

Make an additional batch of the easy one-pot meal recipe… due to the fact it requires less than half an hour!!

(Or double the batch and meal prep it for that 7 days!)


Who needs the wrapper once you have each of the within goodness in one tremendous bowl?

I do not find out about you, but I positive do really feel crummy right after consuming a conventional egg roll.

Maybe it is the grease it is fried in or perhaps the gluten-filled wrapper.

But did you know all of the ingredients Within in the egg roll are actually fairly excellent in your case?

So let’s take all of those healthy ingredients out, toss ’em close to in a skillet, and create a healthier, keto, and Paleo helpful dinner recipe!

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So listed here will be the ingredients inside of an egg roll that we’ll want for this deconstructed version:

  • Ground Turkey: Typically floor pork is utilized. To generate this recipe healthier you can possibly use ground turkey, ground chicken, or ground beef, rather.
  • Cabbage: Inexperienced cabbage was used in this recipe. You are able to also do a mix of purple and environmentally friendly cabbage to give it an additional pop of coloration.
  • Carrots: This one-pot dish would not be comprehensive without this vibrant vegetable. Make sure to read under the very best method to shred carrots for this recipe.
  • Onion: A sweet onion is used but purple or yellow may be substituted. Inexperienced onions also make a fantastic addition when serving.
  • Ginger & garlic: Fresh ginger and garlic are both utilized to add a zippy punch of flavor. To produce things easier you’ll be able to buy the pre-peeled garlic and use the ginger paste as an alternative.
  • Soy sauce: Read through beneath about a few alternatives you can use if you are gluten-free or on a Whole30 diet.
  • Vinegar: There are a few different types of vinegar that work great in this particular Asian bowl.
  • Sesame Oil: Do not leave this very important ingredient out! It gives this dish a unique flavor.


How thinly you shred the carrots and cabbage generates a big variation within the completed recipe.

If you cut greens as well skinny you will conclude up with a SOGGY egg roll in a bowl.

Slice them also thick and so they will be undercooked and tough.

The obvious way to shred the carrots for this recipe is to make use of a massive meal processor.

  • Sure, you should buy the matchstick carrots which can be in a bag. Nevertheless, they are going to ought to be cooked more time to create confidence they are cooked by way of.

For that cabbage, it is best to slice it having a very sharp knife and minimize it no thicker than a ¼-½ inch thick.

  • Learn more about how to shred cabbage if you’re not sure where to start.


Additionally, there are some simple substitutions you can make based on whatever you have inside your kitchen pantry and your diet personal preferences:

Types of Soy Sauce:

Classic Soy Sauce: This works great if you are not avoiding soy or gluten.

  • There are many gluten-free of charge soy sauce companies accessible.

Tamari Marinade: My favorite soy sauce substitution if you are gluten-free.

Liquid Coconut Aminos: This can be free of gluten and soy. It makes a great Whole30 and Paleo alternative to soy sauce.

“Cook’s Hint: All of these soy sauce versions may be based in the Asian food items aisle on your community grocery store.”

Kinds of Vinegar:

Rice Red wine Vinegar: This is actually the most traditional vinegar delivers and used by far the most traditional flavor.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Another greatest vinegar to use and is an excellent Whole30 and Paleo substitute for rice vinegar.

White-colored Wines Vinegar: While this vinegar is not the best substitute, it will work if that is all you have.

“Cook’s Hint: The apple cider and bright white red wine kinds of vinegar is going to be on the vinegar/oil aisle in your grocery store. The rice wine vinegar will either be in the vinegar aisle or perhaps in the Oriental or Racial foods ingredient aisle.”


Listed below you will find the phase-by-move instructions that will teach you how to make this easy dinner recipe.

(Start to see the recipe card for more ingredient and details sums.)

  1. Saute olive ground and oil poultry in a huge saute pan over method temperature. (step 1 previously mentioned)
  2. Cook for 5-6 minutes, or until turkey is almost cooked through. (step 1 above)
  3. Press poultry aside from the pan and add more onion and also the other tablespoon of essential oil. Saute for 3-4 moments. (phase 2 above)
  4. Add shredded garlic and carrots, and ginger herb and saute for 2 a few minutes. Stir the vegetables and turkey jointly. (phase 3 earlier mentioned)
  5. Pour the chicken broth inside the scrape and pan the base of it to deglaze it.
  6. Add more cabbage, coconut aminos or soy sauce, vinegar and salt, and pepper. Mix properly and include using a top. (stage 4 previously mentioned)
  7. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook for 12-15 minutes, or until cabbage is to your desired tenderness.
  8. Just before serving add toasted sesame oil and stir to combine.


There are several ways you can assist this floor turkey and cabbage recipe for lunch or dinner or dinner:

  • Across a mattress of normal bright white rice, dark brown, or basmati rice.
  • Allow it to be low-carb friendly and provide it with cauliflower rice.
  • With a few healthy proteins-loaded quinoas.
  • Try to eat it in a bowl on its own – you never absolutely need the rice or quinoa!
  • Top-rated it with natural onions and toasted sesame plant seeds.


How much time will this recipe last?

This dinner could be refrigerated for as much as 3-5 time. The tastes in fact get better with time!

Precisely what is the easiest way to reheat this recipe?

Reheat leftovers in a bowl in a skillet more than method-low heating for the best texture and taste.

The texture will be soggier, though you can also warm it up in the microwave.

May I freeze out leftovers?

I would not suggest cold this recipe. Unwanted h2o will build up following thawing and make the cabbage mushy.


Wish to transform this recipe up a little bit? A number of different versions you can consider involve:

  • Use diverse different types of cabbage – green or crimson cabbage both preference great!
  • Ground turkey and beef, or pork all work great in the recipe.
  • If you’re not on a keto and Paleo, or Whole30 diet you can use regular gluten-free soy sauce or Tamari instead.
  • Weight it with much more greens. Chinese broccoli, zucchini, and squash would flavor excellent in right here, way too.

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