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CREAMY CAJUN SHRIMP PASTA WITH TOMATOES – Rich and decadent creamy cajun shrimp pasta, emphasis on the decadent. Linguine swirled close to a spicy cajun sauce, flawlessly seasoned shrimp and tomatoes, topped with a few new Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

This creamy cajun shrimp pasta is the greatest cajun pasta at any time! It truly is creamy, easy to make and everyone loves it.


To get a cajun flavored dish you will need some cajun seasoning. All the juicy shrimp is coated in cajun seasoning then cooked to perfection.

After you insert all of your ingredients every thing will come with each other so you get that spicy yummy sauce.

It is not so spicy that your household will not like it. My youngsters are younger and they absolutely adore this. You are able to insert additional cajun spice to make it truly spice and even some cajun hot sausages for an extra kick.

In case you are watching that which you take in, then this is almost certainly not to suit your needs. However, if you’re looking to fully indulge, read on.

Typically once i order a cajun pasta at a cafe I just assume it’s likely to be super creamy and comfortable. Which is precisely what I used to be likely for using this type of household-pleasant meal.

And for reference, this can be way better than anything you are going to get from the cafe (ahem, Chili’s cajun pasta).

I suggest, all of us have people evenings. In which a salad just won’t cut it and we want a large aged bowl of pasta.

What sort of SHRIMP To utilize

Bigger is better with regards to shrimp. For the few reasons!

For starters the larger the shrimp, the considerably less you must thoroughly clean and handle them. In the event you pick little shrimp then you are going to be peeling shrimp for the even though. So a medium to large shrimp must be very good.

Cleaning the shrimp is my very least preferred component.

The fresher shrimp will style the top but I do know we really do not all have entry to fresh-caught or wild shrimp. Therefore if you are able to only get farm-raised or even a package of frozen shrimp, that’s all right.

And sometimes if the shrimp are actually large I will prepare dinner them and then chop them up somewhat prior to we take in.

Should you be using frozen shrimp be sure to thaw them within the fridge, as an alternative to in drinking water. They could absorb also much liquid by doing this.

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The trick into a thick cajun alfredo sauce is to let it boil and bubble for any bit after which minimize the warmth.

If you let it boil (stirring nonstop so it doesn’t follow the pan) when it cools it is going to be an ideal thick and creamy regularity.

And by the time you’re taking it to the desk to serve, hold out 10 minutes for everybody to actually show up, it ought to be perfection and thickened up.

If for some cause the sauce begins to curdle, just switch the heat off. Combine in each of the ingredients, keep stirring after which include another splash or two of fifty percent and 50 percent until finally it will get creamy.

Given that we’re employing fifty percent and 50 % for this recipe (no cream) additionally the lemon juice, that curdled texture can display up. But I have never ever had any trouble receiving again right into a creamy sauce by incorporating somewhat more half and half with the end.

Also, I might say this is mediocre spicy. If you need it spicier, then just include further cajun spice.


Here’s the cope with shrimp.

You must prepare dinner it excellent. Shrimp takes only minutes to cook dinner.

Just like a few minutes. After they may be pink, they are completed and any extra time expended cooking will just make them tough and chewy.

And it’s easy to inform when the shrimp are entirely cooked, as the colour of shrimp previous to currently being cooked by way of is the fact that type of obvious white colour.

But once cooked, that a lot more orange purple pink tone is obvious.

Also you need to pat them dry before throwing them on to the pan and season generously.


For this cajun shrimp pasta you need to use any type of pasta shape you would like! Linguine, spaghetti or perhaps a enjoyable condition. It really does not make a difference, a noodle can be a noodle.

But here’s a fun simple fact!

Flat noodles, like linguine are actually ideal for sauces, since it is far more space to the sauce to seize on to.

Another entertaining truth. Noodle styles with ridges on it are also great for sauces, because the sauce sort of clings on for the crevice while in the noodles.

What you really do not want to do is rinse your pasta after you pressure it.

The rationale why is simply because in addition, you rinse off all that important starchy h2o. If you combine your sauce and pasta, it’s going to follow the pasta.

In the event you rinse your pasta, it’s going to have a more challenging time sticking.

I do think this can be the perfect summertime, crave-able dish. Here’s how I can justify this being a summer season dish. Shrimp = seafood = summer season.

There you’ve got it. And I’m sold on this.


A fast run down of how to make cajun shrimp pasta.

  1. Time the shrimp, be generous in the event you really need it tremendous spicy
  2. Melt the butter with your pan, allow it to sizzle
  3. Prepare dinner the shrimp with a few fresh minced garlic. Merely a couple minutes on every facet
  4. Once the shrimp are pink, change them – it is critical never to overcook the shrimp
  5. Insert the half and half and parmigiano regianno, whisking
  6. It’s going to start to thicken, just keep whisking (*note – if it seems like it curdled (could possibly be from as well
  7. considerably drinking water away from the shrimp) don’t panic, insert with your pasta and each of the other
  8. ingredients, on the quite stop, flip the heat off and add an additional splash or two of 50 percent and half and it’ll
  9. magically become easy and creamy yet again)
  10. Insert your pasta of selection, that is linguine but any shape performs
  11. Stir in the chopped tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice, and a lot more cajun seasoning
  12. Provide!


Here’s an easy visual of what ingredients you are going to need to have to create this evening meal. You’ll see that nearly all of the ingredients are things you will have already got on hand!

If you’re utilizing frozen shrimp, just ensure that you dry them rather well, you are going to want any excess moisture gone.

half and half – I decided to make this cajun shrimp pasta with no weighty cream, I chose 50 percent and 50 % because I desired a lighter option than a traditional cream sauce. If you notice it get lumpy toward the end of making just incorporate some extra splashes of fifty percent and 50 % in, it’ll easy out.
linguine – it is possible to choose any pasta shape you like
lemon juice – the lemon juice offers it a good kick of taste, it’s optional it is possible to usually go away it out
tomatoes – just a little little bit of tomatoes for some shade, texture, and taste
Parmigiano Reggiano – the real stuff, not the 1 in the green container
salt and pepper – for seasoning
new garlic – for flavor
cajun seasoning – not all cajun seasonings are created equivalent, some tend to be more spicy some tend to be more salty, I in fact blend two brand names together to make my ideal cajun seasoning (slap ya mama along with a basic McCormick)
butter – for cooking the shrimp and the initial foundation in the sauce
oil – also for cooking the shrimp, we use significantly less butter by doing this
parsley – insert some color again into the dish


Recipes with a few tips and methods are always productive! Listed here are a few tips I’ve set with each other when creating this creamy cajun shrimp pasta.

Know your cajun seasoning. If this really is your first time producing a cajun pasta make sure you flavor take a look at the cajun seasoning ahead of using it.

For me I combine two various makes, because I know one particular is hefty within the salt and 1 is weighty within the spicy and does not have much salt. To get your favored flavoring, select and select what suits all your family members very best.

Do not overcook the shrimp. It is hard to not. I get it. You are not quite confident if it’s accomplished, how can one thing prepare dinner in only minutes?!

In the event you feel over it by doing this it will take a piece of chicken about 20 minutes to cook stovetop, one minor shrimp is really a tenth of that size, so it only normally takes 2-3 minutes to cook dinner. If you notice the colour of shrimp prior to cooking vs soon after, the colour changes substantially.

If you want to, have a image of what it seemed like prior to when judging if it’s cooked, the raw colour can be a pale gray-white along with the cooked coloration is really a rosy pink.

Make use of the correct temperature. You must heat your pan to the appropriate temperature, medium is ideal for shrimp.

If your temperature is just too low your shrimp won’t have a great sear and because they cook quickly you shed that chance speedily. If it’s also very hot your shrimp can get crispy.

Salt your pasta h2o. For more taste, consider salting your pasta drinking water to provide the pasta somewhat more taste.


My sauce received a bit lumpy, how can i repair this?
Due to the fact we’re employing 50 % and 50 % as opposed to hefty cream, this may occur (additionally the lemon juice can also make this come about). When you are carried out preparing, in case you get this consequence incorporate an additional couple of splashes of 50 percent and fifty percent in, blend it about and watch it easy out!

Can I incorporate extra factors into this pasta, like sausage and even more veggies?

Sure! You’ll be able to incorporate no matter what extras you want to generate this your family’s favourite! Some favorites that readers have extra is cajun sausage, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach towards the cajun shrimp pasta.

Am i able to substitute milk for your half and 50 percent?

I individually have not tried this but some evaluations have experienced good results with making use of milk.

Am I able to make this gluten-totally free?

By making use of gluten-totally free pasta noodles it is possible to.

How can i reheat this?

Stovetop would be my chosen approach to selection, it’s the best within the shrimp. The microwave could work too.

Am I able to freeze cajun shrimp pasta?

I would not advocate it, noodles can get mushy if you reheat them from frozen, it is just as well considerably cook time.

Am I able to make this as a chicken cajun pasta?

It is possible to. Period the chicken like you would’ve the shrimp, then cook it but you are going to want to cook dinner it right up until the chicken is no for a longer time pink inside the middle. Or else you can get ready this just the identical way.

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