Cowboy Stew
Cowboy Stew


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COWBOY STEW – Love hearty stew recipes? You’ll flip for this! With the smooth meat of an Instant Pot pork stew and the greens and beans of a Brunswick stew, cowboy stew takes the high-quality elements of your favored recipes and simmers them to perfection.

Dinner’s on! My Cowboy Stew recipe brings together three kinds of tender meat with legumes And veggies within a one-container wonder tasty ample to everyone!

Cowboy Stew
Cowboy Stew

My cowboy stew recipe is certainly one aspect beef stew, 1 component chili, five components Tasty!

Really like hearty stew recipes? You’ll flip for this! Together with the tender various meats of your Immediate Pot beef stew and also the greens and beans of the Brunswick stew, cowboy stew requires the most effective elements of your best recipes and simmers those to flawlessness.

One and the only thing it does not have is actually a nod to chicken stew…but hello, let us throw in some shredded chicken! Why not? Cowboy stew embraces every single ingredient!

What I Adore About This Recipe

This ain’t your mama’s stew recipe! Stuffed with three varieties of tons and meat of veggies, this stew may be the lip-smacking evening meal your family’s been expecting.

  • Sensitive, moist various meats
  • A single-container speculate
  • Easy clean-up!
  • Audience-pleasing taste


Begin by crisping your sausage – ensure that you undertake it within a cooking pot, not in your oven, so that you get everything that scrumptious bacon grease! And in that oil, you will fry the sausage.

Set aside your sausage and bacon, then prepare your beef, onion, and garlic clove. Put with your salt, pepper and flour, and chili, and once that is delighted, put in everything else except the parsley.

Recipe Remarks

My cowboy stew recipe is undoubtedly an incredibly wholesome and easy to put together meals that you will feel great about giving your household! Cooking all things in one particular container assists contain the wreck and makes extraordinary tiers of flavoring.

Ingredient Information

You don’t need to have elegant ingredients to have Amazing flavor! By using a number of canned comforts items help make the preparation straightforward while nonetheless providing you with a stew so good you will slap the dinner table.

Kielbasa – This recipe makes use of three types of beef for a totally dimensional taste discomfort! Don’t – I promise, it’s worth it if you’re thinking about skipping one. For instance, the kielbasa provides a delicious smokiness that the bacon and beef do not have. You simply cannot have cowboy stew without having all of these pleasures!

Tomatoes – I use processed tomatoes with this recipe to bring down the amount of time in the prep phase and also the cooking stage. And utilizing tiny diced tomatoes helps them break down even speedier! If you can’t find petite, using crushed is a good alternative.

Legumes – I love the sweetness and flavor that accompanies utilizing processed baked legumes with this stew! You can use any brand at your store, although my favorite is good ol’ Bush’s Original.

Corn – Playing up the sweet taste, even more, I prefer wonderful corn in this recipe as well. Sugary corn is not only corn canned with glucose – it’s a particular sort of corn. So make sure you’re reading labels and not just getting plain corn with added sugar. Yuck!

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My cowboy stew recipe is a portion beef stew, one particular aspect chili, 5 various parts DELICIOUS!

Enjoy hearty stew recipes? You will change with this! With all the sore various meats of the Quick Container beef stew along with the vegetables and beans of the Brunswick stew, cowboy stew requires the most effective elements of your preferred recipes and simmers these to perfection.

The sole thing it does not have is really a nod to chicken stew…but hey, let us add in some shredded chicken! Why not? Cowboy stew embraces every ingredient!

How to make Cowboy stew, cooking food bacon and sausage in the pot how to produce Cowboy stew, browning beef in the container

Ladle scooping Cowboy stew in the cooking pot

Tools to produce

The equipment to produce this cowboy stew recipe is so simple!

A container – You’ll desire to use a bulkier gauged pot or otherwise a single with a thicker, more heavy bottom. This will aid prevent your happiness from promoting and burning even cooking throughout so you do not get a mushy clutter on the bottom of your own pot whenever your stew is performed.

That is it! As it is this kind of crucial tool, ensure you use a quality pot.

How Much Time Can You Always keep This In The Freezer?

Shop your cowboy stew leftovers within an airtight box, and they will last inside your freezer up to a number of times. You can put your cooled cowboy stew in a gallon-sized Ziploc if saving space is a priority.

It will often thicken just a little because it is situated inside the refrigerator so you may have to slender it all out with a bit of normal water once you reheat it.

Is It Possible To Freezeout This?

Sure and no. This cowboy stew recipe is fantastic for dinner preparation and yes it always helps to have a set-produced meal from the fridge. Nevertheless, the carrots can be extremely finicky in very cold temps, so you really should depart these out – you could add more canned carrots to them when it is time for you to provide!

You can let it sit in your freezer for up to three months if you do freeze it sans potatoes. To thaw, allow it to stay from the refrigerator right away. Then add more of your carrots and reheat!

Make Forward Tips

This particular one-container question arrives together fairly rapidly as a result of those canned treats! But you can always chop the onions, garlic and potatoes, and kielbasa ahead of time, the various meats can’t be cooked ahead because you need them to build the flavor for your stew.

The garlic and onions may be stored collectively, and also the kielbasa may go within a covered plastic material case – everything can rest for as much as per week inside the refrigerator.

Serving Referrals

This cowboy stew recipe accompanies virtually any beloved chili and stew aspects! Cornbread, crackers, a dollop of sour cream – you name it, it will flavor excellent.

If you want to take this stew recipe to the next level, you can always do a play on beefaroni by adding elbow macaroni! Or chuck in some egg noodles for beef and noodles delivered to the max. It is so easy to create this tasty dish preference better still!

RECIPE Versions

Here are some fun tweaks, though this cowboy stew recipe is downright good eatin’ on its own!

The cereals by adding barley more liquid to acquire beef barley soups.

Keep out your kielbasa and then add iced mixed vegetables to help make hamburger stew.

Go all pork with bacon and brats, and terrain pork to get a delightful pork stew.

Try and get your veggies with the addition of in your preferred environmentally friendly selections with plant beef broth.

Let us play up Taco Tuesday with zesty Mexican tastes within a taco soup!

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